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Natural Remedies for Vaginal Odor

  1. Water One of the best ways to deal with vaginal odor is to drink plenty of water. Females must drink eight to ten glasses of water every day as it is a known fact that well hydrated body remains health and free of health issues. When you drink water, the body gets rid of bad toxins and harmful bacteria in a very effective manner. At the same time water also helps to remove the extra sugar from the body which is one of main reasons behind vaginal odor. Those suffering from vaginal odor must also avoid caffeine and sugary drinks.

  2. Yogurt Yogurt is rich in lactobacillus, which helps to restore the normal vaginal pH level. Once the pH level gets balanced, there will be no problem of vaginal odor. Those having this kind of problem must include yogurt in their diet in order to facilitate a healthy pH balance. Try to eat two cups of unsweetened, plain yogurt daily. Another option is to soak a tampon in plain yogurt and then insert it into your body, leave for some time and then rinse the area thoroughly after removing the tampon.

  3. White Vinegar If you are suffering from the problem of vaginal odor, you must try a white vinegar rinse. White vinegar has the power to ‘neutralize’ odors and can break down odor proteins. You must add half cup of white vinegar and salt to a bath and allow your lower body to soak in it for a few minutes. This will help to restore pH levels in the vagina and eliminate odors in the process. For better result, use lukewarm water instead of cold water. Follow this remedy several times a week to get positive results. (Gamitin panghugas ang tatlong kutsarang sukang puti sa isang tabong maligamgam na tubig.)

  4. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial and hence it can also be used to fight against vaginal odor. In fact, taking a bath in apple cider vinegar is one of the simplest ways to get rid of bad odor. In a bath tub, add some warm water and apple cider vinegar. Now have a nice long soak in this water for at least half an hour. This will help to fight off the toxins and bacteria that cause vaginal odor. It will also help to restore the acidic quality of the vaginal flora and soon the odor will be no more. Follow this remedy four to five times a week to get quick results. (Gamitin panghugas ang tatlong kutsarang apple cider vinegar sa isang tabong maligamgam na tubig.)

  5. Baking Soda Baking soda is another ingredient that can be used to balance the pH level in your body. Once the pH level gets balanced, the problem of vaginal odor will be cured automatically. Simply mix one tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water and drink it once a day. Else you can add half cup of baking soda to your bath water and then soak your lower body part in it for around twenty minutes. Finally dry yourself properly with a clean towel. This remedy will help to fight against yeast infection and can really help to get rid of the smell quickly.

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