NAALALA MO BA NA NGINUNGUYA ITO NG MGA LOLO AT LOLA NATIN NOON? Dahl marami palang magandang dulot at gamot ito sa katawan,, kaya mas mahaba ang buhay nila noon kysa sa mga tao ngayon..Sobrang mabisa sa mga sakit, AT BAGAY SA MGA BATA NA MAHIRAP PAINUMIN NG GAMOT.. mabuting basahin mo..share na din sa iba.

For thousands of years, the betel leaf has been used across India in Hindu religious ceremonies. Apart from its use in Ayurveda, chewing betel leaves as paan (areca nuts, slaked lime, tobacco powder, flavoring agents, etc. are wrapped within a betel leaf and consumed to get a high) after a meal is a common practice in India and South East Asia.

Though many people consume betel leaf in one way or another, not many know about the leaf’s curative and medicinal properties. The betel leaf contains Vitamin C, Calcium, Thiamin, Niacin, Riboflavin, and Carotene. Studies have shown that betel leaves have anti-cancer properties and numerous other health benefits when they are consumed without adding areca nuts, slaked lime, tobacco powder and flavoring agents.

  1. Betel Leaf For Indigestion: This remedy with betel leaf will work well for all these symptoms. Both carom seeds and betel leaf by themselves are very good for treating indigestion but when combined together it makes a very effective home remedy. Making this remedy couldn't be any simpler. Just take a fresh betel leaf, add carom seeds and a pinch of salt. Roll it up, chew and swallow it with a glass of water. But try to use fresh, tender betel leaf for the remedy and this remedy can be used for children too. This remedy gives instant relief, why take antacids, when you have such easy and effective home remedies?

  2. Betel Leaf for Cold: Betel leaf is very good for treating cold and the best way to use betel leaf for treating cold is by making a kashayam with it. Any herbal extract that is used for treating illness is called kashayam and it can be very elaborate or very simple like this betel leaf kashayam. Usually kashayam is made by boiling the herbs with the water but for this remedy we need fresh extract. It does not matter whether it is a simple recipe made with just 1 or 2 ingredients or with many ingredients, they always work their magic. Betel leaf kashayam is simple to make and gives very good relief from chest congestion. To make the kashayam, take a single betel leaf and grind it along with boiled water in a mixer and extract the juice. To this juice add a pinch of pepper powder and a pinch of dry ginger powder.

  3. Betel Leaf for Headache:

Like I mentioned before using betel leaf for treating headache has been done for many years. A lady worker from the neighboring farm will always have betel leaves stuck to her temples in the mornings during cold winter season. One day, when I asked her about it she replied that it prevents headaches since she has to get up early everyday even during winter season to milk the cows. This is the main reason I love home remedies, you can use it for months together without any side effects or any allergies! For headaches, you can either apply small pieces of fresh betel leaf on either side of the temples or the fresh extract which is more potent. To make the extract, grinding the betel leaf along with very little boiled water and extract the juice. Now add few drops of camphor essential oil to the extracted juice. Apply this mixture on temples to get good relief from headache. We can also boil the leaves in water and inhale the steam.

  1. Betel leaf: Antidote For Poison

Betel leaf and peppercorns are a magic combination and can be used for variety of reasons. This combination of betel leaf and peppercorns are so famous that you will find it mentioned in many books. When we are out in the garden or out trekking especially if you are a forest lover most of the time we don't even realize what bit us. We only realize it few hours later when the itching or swelling starts. If it is very mild, it usually goes away within a few hours but if it is very severe, things could get very serious especially if there is no medical help near by. These are the times herbs come in very handy and sometimes can be life savers too. Betel leaf if had along with peppercorns acts as a natural antidote for minor insect poisons and can be really useful. Take a single betel leaf and and place 4 to 5 peppercorns in the middle, fold to make a parcel, chew and swallow. This remedy can be given to young children too. You can also boil the two ingredients along with a cup of water till it is reduced to half, strain and use it as a home remedy for treating indigestion.

  1. Betel leaf for External Application: For Pimples, Skin Since betel leaf is an antiseptic, it makes very good external poultice and can be used for treating pimples on the face, minor wounds and as a poultice for treating stomach pain in babies. For treating pimples, make a smooth, thick paste of tender betel leaves along with little boiled water and apply on the spots. As a preventive measure, we can also make a face wash liquid with betel leaves by boiling the betel leaves in water and using that water to wash the face. This same liquid can be used for gargling for treating sore throat. Betel leaf juice (it should be thick) can be applied externally on the skin to treat skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. Betel leaf can be used for babies to treat stomach pain due to heat. We always massage the lower abdomen with pure castor oil for it, we can also smear castor oil on a betel leaf and warm the leaf over a lamp and apply the warmed leaf over their abdomen. This compress is very comforting to the babies, but please be very very careful about the heat, check every single time on yourself before applying the leaf on the babies as it is easy to overheat the leaves.

To be honest with you, sometimes the weirdest methods can give you the best results. Agree?

From honey wraps to onion socks, there are many different time-tested “weird” remedies that can help you treat and check various health problems and develop your health – in general. One of these “weird” ingredients are the cabbage leaves!

Did you know that cabbage leaves have the identical characteristics as magnets – they will help you pull out all the diseases and ailments from our bodies?

Cabbage is a super healthy vegetable, which is used as a great element for creating various types of meals and salads. Yes, and many experts around the world say that you can use cabbage leaves to treat the following health problems:

Wound Healing ;

Yes, you can use this vegetable to speed up the healing process! The experts say that vegetables like cabbage and broccoli contain methionine, which is an essential amino acid required for growth and tissue repair.

In fact, if you apply a piece of lightly blanched cabbage over your wounds fight infection and inflammation and reduces healing time. You should also know that methionine will help you prevent tynenol and copper poisoning, treats liver disorders as well as helps cure depression, alcoholism, allergies, asthma, schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease.

Headaches Relief;

You can also use cabbage to get rid of headaches – instantly!

First, you should know that this super healthy vegetable is loaded with Vitamin C & K, folate, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron. These ingredients work together to prevent headaches caused by nutritional deficiency, particularly tension headaches. The methionine amino acid also promotes detoxification by binding to heavy metals like lead and mercury and helping the body expel them. This in turn improves overall body function and prevents toxin-related headaches.

Pain-free Breastfeeding;

Many experts around the world say that this super healthy vegetable will help you decrease engorgement and promote milk flow.

How to use it – it’s very simple! You just have to crush green cabbage leaves with a rolling pin to help them mold unto you breast. And, make sure you leave it on your breast for 20 minutes, twice a day and follow up with a feeding or pumping session. Note: you should also know that you can use cabbage after a feeding and leave them on until they wilt. The experts highly recommend that new mothers should use chilled cabbage leaves straight from the fridge to relieve breast tenderness or slightly blanched leaves on their abdomen to ease postpartum and menstrual pain.

Heal Thyroid Imbalance;

Many people think that consuming cruciferous vegetables may interfere with proper hormone function! But, many different traditional medicine practitioners around the world claim that wrapping cabbage leaves over your thyroid gland overnight can help balance thyroid hormones and neutralize thyroid-disrupting hormones to restore proper balance.

Reduce Swelling;

You should also know that you can use cabbage leaves to reduce swelling and alleviate the pain from sore and inflamed joints. Cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinolate, an anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting compound.

How to use it – it’s very simple! You just have to cut out the stiff vein that runs through each leaf to help it mold onto your skin. Then. You should put the leaves on a cutting board lined with plastic wrap. After that, you should put the paper towel under and over the leaves and pound with a meat cleaver to activate the vegetable’s active compounds. Now, you need to remove the leaves from the paper towel and place directly on your sore joint, using plastic wrap to keep it in place.

Note: you should be very careful and if you’re experiencing severe pain, place a cold pack over the leaves and secure in into place using a cloth bandage or towel. You can also use this simple trick as well – use cabbage to reduce swelling caused by edema.

Here’s what you need to do -first, you should simply clean and dry the leaves, refrigerate until cool and place on your swollen limb to draw out excess fluid. Leave them until they become wet, then repeat with fresh leaves until your symptoms subside.

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