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?Foods that Causes Gastritis

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Generally, gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach. It varies in different persons who have it either acute or chronic. The burning sensation you feel in your stomach after a meal or drinking can be symptoms of this. If you have gastritis, it’s best to avoid foods that triggers this such as processed and spicy foods, dairy products, smoking, alcohol, caffeine and foods you’re allergic to.

It really boils down to the kind of food you eat. Living with healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet goes a long way in preventing any diseases.

Here are the 8 things you need to avoid gastritis.

Fiery, Hot Foods — This type of food worsens the gastritis. When you have it, you have a very sensitive stomach and eating spicy food triggers the pain. Spicy foods to avoid are pickles, chilies, peppers, and hot sauces.

Fatty Foods — According to studies, too much intake of fatty foods can lead to gastritis. In effect, it causes the inflammation of the gastric linings.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are good fats called monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (omega 3 fatty acids) that might improve your stomach, and which can be found in the foods such as peanut butter, nuts, olive oil and seeds.

Caffeinated Drinks — Many people enjoy drinking coffee in the morning to start their day. However, gulping a cup of coffee midday and on an empty stomach can elicit gastritis or can make it worse if you already have it. Avoid carbonated drinks and even decaffeinated coffee for safety.

People without gastritis should minimize drinking coffee and switch to green tea instead. According to studies, tea lowers the chance of gastritis because of its anti-inflammation property and minimal caffeine content.

Booze — Overboard alcoholic drinking is the usual cause of gastritis. The alcohol’s composed of toxins that aggravates the stomach lining and inflames with continuous drinking. If it’s already inflamed, incessant drinking may cause it to bleed and incur complications like stomach ulcer.

You can still drink alcohol but keep it in moderation. Alcohol fights the H. Pylori bacteria which causes gastritis, studies said.

Fried, Purified and Artificial Food — White bread, pasta and unnatural flavors are potential provocateur to gastritis. Excessive consumption of these junks can lead to gastric cancer. So, eat healthy.

Milk Products — Dairy products are rich in fat especially the milk. It encourages to secrete gastric juices which worsens the gastric condition. It differs with everybody types, though. Milk, fortified with calcium and proteins, is believed to produce more acid. Take small proportions of dairies and see what happens. If it doesn’t affect you, keep it in your meal plans and in moderation. One dairy food that is rich in probiotics is fermented yogurt. It helps relieve an upset stomach and any gastrointestinal problems.

Huff and Puff — Smoking is detrimental in stomach-related problems. Although it has not been proven its connection to gastritis yet, it delays the healing of gastric mucosa which leads to stomach ulcer.

Foods Causing Allergy — If you’ve had chronic gastritis, there are certain veggies that are not ideal for you to eat. Like for example, onions, garlic, tomatoes and potatoes.

Foods that Causes Gastritis | The Healthy Hack

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