First Vita Plus Guyabano (SOURSOP with FIVE POWER HERBS) Natural...

First Vita Plus Guyabano (SOURSOP with FIVE POWER HERBS) Natural Health Drink BENEFITS ?Lower Cholesterol level ?Lower the sugar of the diabetic person ?Maintain Healthy Heart ?Rich in Fiber and High in Vitamins C ?Fights Cancer Chemotheraphy drugs are powerful medicines that can cause side effects. You need a supplement that can help you fight your battle.

  • Attack cancer safely and effectively with an all-natural therapy that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss.
  • Protect your immune system and avoid deadly infections.
  • Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of the treatment.
  • Boost your energy and improve your outlook on life. SCIENTISTS HAVE DISCOVERED That extract from graviola soursop called "ANNONA ACETOGENINS" are found to be Anti Cancer and Anti Tumor, Base on the research annoneceous acetogenin has the capacity to kill cancer cell 10,000 times more potent than leading Chemotherapy treatment without damaging our good cell and instead it will boosting our good cells (IMMUNE SYSTEM) First Vita Plus Product is one of the most outstanding herbal juice drink since 2006 up to the present not only in the Philippines but in ASIA. Therefore if you want to be healthy let's drink First Vita Plus Natural Health Drink!!! ? ? Here are the following diseases that may avoid while you are enjoying drinking First Vita plus! ✔Cancer ✔Liver Problem ✔Diabetes ✔Lung Problem ✔Stroke ✔Prostate Problem ✔Hepatitis ✔Colon Problem ✔Osteoporosis ✔Kidney Problem ✔High Cholesterol ✔Asthma ✔Heart Disease ✔Myoma ✔HIV/AIDS ✔Allergy ✔Arthritis ✔Vertigo ✔Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) ✔Cyst ✔Dengue ✔Anemia ✔Alzheimer’s ✔Lupus ✔Pneumonia and other degenerative diseases First Vita GUYABANO (GRAVIOLA SOURSOP) also further enhanced with five power Herbs, Moringa, Corchorus, Capsicum, Amaranthus, Ipomoea, to aid in meeting your daily requirements of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, anti-oxidants and immunity enhancing phytochemicals. Guranteed to provide you the extra energy boost, protection, from stress and maintenance of wellness, wholeness and well-being. THE FIVE POWER HERBS! ? MORINGA OLEIFERA (Malunggay) Scientific research has proven that these humble leaves are in fact a powerhouse of nutritional value. It can help rebuild weak bones, help enrich anemic blood and aid in the nourishment of breastfeeding babies. Ounce per ounce, it has the calcium of four glasses of milk, the vitamin C of seven oranges and the potassium of three bananas. ? CAPSICUM FRUTESCENT (Dahon ng Sili) Its fruit is a popular condiment. The leaves are used as vegetable; an excellent source of calcium and iron, a good source of phosphorus and vitamins A and B. It is an important gastrointestinal deoxidant and also serves as a stimulant, digestive, rubefacient, stomachic, sialagogue, alterative, antispasmodic, febrifugue and depurative. ? CORCHORUS OLITORUIS (Saluyot) Reported to be demulcent, deobstruent, diuretic, lactagogue, purgative and tonic, it may also be a remedy for aches and pains, dysentery, enteritis, fever and pectoral pains. ? AMARANTHUS SPINOSUS (Uray/Kulitis) It functions as a good expectorant and an effective astringent especially in stopping liquid bowels. Locally, it has been reported that a decoction of the root relieve one’s breathing from acute bronchitis. ? IPOMOEA BATATAS (Talbos ng Kamote) Its roots are high in calories and vitamin A and the leafy tops are eaten as vegetables. The tops, especially purplish ones are used for diabetes and the crushed leaves are applied to boils and acne. ✅All natural, No chemicals ✅No side effects ✅Best for 6 months old baby onwards ✅With or without illness or ✅Maintain Good Health Friend Lets talk about health in a NATURAL WAY! Lets spread the benefits and miraculous brougth of our own product not only in Philippines but to the world! Be part of the PROGRESSIVE and THE NUMBER ONE MLM COMPANY TODAY (First Vita Plus Marketing Corp.) Avail our instant DEALERSHIP PROMO ✔ No DEALERSHIP ✔ No Joining FEE ✔ avail our 10boxes plus two boxes FREE promo ✔ Enjoy FREE DOCTORS CONSULTATION TOGETHER WITH YOUR FRIEND AND RELATIVES EVERY DAY IN OUR OFFICE For orders & inquiries I'm Marc Ballesteros Call/Txt +639421873322 +639279768623 Email: [email protected] Gmail: [email protected]


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