Female Sterility Female sterility or infertility is the inability...

Female Sterility Female sterility or infertility is the inability to get pregnant after a year or more of trying to conceive or with unprotected intercourse. This common problem affects women from around the world. Causes of Infertility may be attributed to various factors such as age, underlying medical conditions, diet and lifestyle. Although factors of female infertility can be classified as either acquired or genetic, female infertility is usually more or less a combination of nature and nurture. In some cases, the cause is never found while in others, multiple causes may be detected. Proper Testing and Right Treatment is required to resolve this problem. Symptoms of Female Sterility One of the common symptoms of infertility is irregular menstrual cycle. However, this can be associated with many other conditions as well and hence a medical examination and testing are necessary to check for infertility. Menstrual bleeding that lasts from 3 to 7 days is considered normal. But if there are changes such as very light or heavy bleeding, then it is better to consult a doctor. Female fertility declines sharply after the age of 35. Therefore women, who have crossed the age of 35 and are unable to get pregnant after trying for six months should see a doctor soon. Infertility may even be related to weight and being either overweight or underweight may be a cause or warning sign. Recurrent miscarriage is another sign of female infertility and doctors usually make the diagnosis after three or more miscarriages have occurred. Causes of Female Sterility There are also some behavioral factors that can interfere with fertility. Poor diet Smoking Alcohol consumption Drug abuse Diet for Female Sterility Your diet doesn't really have a direct effect on fertility levels, unless there are certain contaminants or toxins in food that affect fertility. A healthy - balanced diet is all you need to ensure that you do not suffer from any health conditions or diseases that may cause sterility. Female fertility can be improved by making certain changes or modifications in the diet and following a healthy balanced diet plan. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants which help in enhancing reproductive health. Green leafy vegetables and citric fruits are also high in folate which is an important nutrient for pregnant women. Healthy fats such as monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids may also help increase female fertility. These fats are found in avocados, nuts and seeds. There are also foods which should be avoided as they may affect fertility levels in women. These include: Seafood that is High in Mercury: Mercury can contribute to birth defects. It is advisable to consult your doctor regarding specific varieties of fish and seafood that are appropriate for consumption. Do not completely eliminate fish or seafood from your diet as they are a rich source of essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids. Caffeinated Beverages: Too much caffeine can hamper conception and may also increase the risk of miscarriages. Alcohol: This can lead to problems in the functioning of the ovaries. Intake of alcohol during pregnancy can also result in spontaneous abortion and may also increase the risk of growth and developmental problems in the fetus. Fast Foods: These are loaded with sodium and unhealthy fats that can contribute to weight gain, which may in turn lead to infertility. Artificial Sweeteners: These are known to raise the risk of infertility and birth defects. Foods Wrapped in Plastic or kept in Plastic Containers: The toxins contained in plastic can pass on to the food and into your body, thereby interfering with fertility levels. Suggestion for Female Sterility Before you investigate and look into health problems that may contribute to infertility, it would be a good idea to make modifications to your lifestyle, eliminating unhealthy habits that could increase the risks of infertility. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a disciplined routine, giving yourself adequate rest and sleep to recuperate. Avoid situations and conditions that cause excessive stress as far as possible and take up meditative practices and relaxation techniques to keep stress at bay. Unhealthy habits like smoking can put you at great risk of infertility. If you do wish to conceive at some point of time, it would be a good idea to quit smoking right away. The use of certain over the counter medications, particularly birth control and hormonal medications to control your menstruation can also interfere with fertility levels. SANTE BARLEY REMEDY A nutritious, alkaline green super food. Barley Grass is considered to be one of the most balanced nutrient profiles of all green plants because of its abundance in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids proteins, active enzymes and chlorophyll. The nutrients contained in barley grass may help increase fertility by improving the condition of both sperm and eggs. Barley grass is also very high in folic acid which is an essential nutrient women need to prevent birth defects from occurring. Barley grass is high in protein, amino acids and enzymes that promote sexual vitality and healthy reproductive organs. Everyone who has fertility problems should try Santé Pure Barley fresh juice for 30 days. Drink 9 grams or 3 sachets daily, 30 minutes before meals. Mix 3 grams of Santé Pure Barley Juice with 200 ml of water. It can also be added to smoothies, juice, water, rice milk, yogurt or any other drinks. Santé Pure Barley is a great natural remedy for infertility and also a wonderful natural.


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