ATOMY PROBIOTIC 10+: COLON CLEANSING AND LOSE WEIGHT... 30 Sachet for only 1200 pesos!

Pinapangarap mong damit gsto mong masuot????? NO DIET, NO WORK OUT NEEDED! ❌ TAKE AND ENJOY and BE SEXY and FLAT in your own healthy WAY!! is it safe? YES IT IS 100% PROVEN SAFE AND EFFECTIVE ? tinitake ko din po ito.? Pm me! Sabay sabay natin i achieve ang body na gsto natin ? May pag asa pa bes! ? You Should Try it NOW to see the RESULTS ? Marami na ang nabawasan ng TIMBANG at BILBIL!??

【Atomy Probiotics 10+】 ✨ ✨ ✨ ? 12 types of mixed Lactobacilli make your stomach happy. Increases helpful Lactobacilli, restrains growth of harmful bacteria, and help with bowel movement. ? Did you know 70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract? If you want overall good health, you need to take care of the digestive system first. ? Refreshing Orange Flavour! ? ? Advantage ? Preserve intestinal health by increasing helpful bacteria and restraining harmful ones! ? Recommended Users ? ? People who want to maintain intestinal health ? People who experience irritable bowel movements ? Children and youth that need to strengthen the immune system ? People with bad breath ? People looking for tasty and easy to use Probiotics ? People who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle ? People with irregular bowel movements due to unhealthy eating ? People with unhealthy bowels due to stress and bad eating habits ? People who have trouble digesting dairy products ? People who experience indigestion due to lack of physical activity ? People with constipation due to irregular eating and living habits ? People who sit for long periods

? Direction ? Content: 300g (2.5g × 30 packets×4 boxes) Adult: 1 packet per day Children: ½ packet per day Press the front lightly with one hand Pull the top part with the other hand and open along the dotted line.

  • Or remove the sticker on top and use right away. ⚠ Caution ⚠ ⚠ Make sure children do not consume excessive amounts (children ¼ packet, youth ½ packet). ⚠ Take with water if you have difficulty consuming in powder format. ⚠ May experience reactions based on individual constitutions or conditions. In this case, discontinue use. ⚠ Keep out of reach of children. ⚠ Store in cool, dry place.

FOR ORDERs & INQUIRIEs: Add/Message me: 09487711823

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